1.1     Name: The name of this amalgamation of Clubs shall be “The Liverpool Business Houses Cricket League“ 


2.1      All proposals for amendments to the constitution and rules of the League and nominations for the Management Committee shall be sent to the League Secretary 7 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). All clubs will be notified of the proposals. Please contact the League Secretary at

2.2      Amendments to the constitution and rules must be brought up at the AGM and passed by majority vote of those present.


3.1      The officers shall be Chairperson, League Secretary, and Treasurer. All officers shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.


4.1      The Management Committee shall consist of the Officers plus any elected members.

4.2      The Management Committee shall meet, as required during the playing season and as and when required during the closed season. Three members shall constitute a quorum.

4.3      Any decision of the Management Committee shall be final unless notice of appeal is lodged in accordance with Rule 6.1


The Management Committee shall have the following powers:  

5.1       To allocate the teams to each division

5.2      To deal with all infringements of the constitution or rules of the League, and if necessary impose any penalties that may occur.


6.1     Appeals against any decision of the Management Committee must be lodged with the League inside 7 days of the date of notification of the decision to which the objection is taken; a deposit of £5 shall accompany any appeal.

6.2      Appeals shall be decided by a committee made up of club Secretaries (min 3 people) whose decision is final. The association shall determine whether deposit is refunded.

6.3      Appeals made to the committee will be heard ASAP and clubs/player appealing must be represented. 


7.1       Clubs desiring of becoming members should approach the League Secretary. They will be proposed by the League Secretary and must seconded at the AGM by a current member club.

7.2       Should a club wish to join the league following the AGM, they will still need to be seconded. This will be done via email to the member club secretaries.

7.3       The cut off point for clubs being admitted to the League will be 1st March

7.4       A club wishing to join the league must pay the bond by 30 March and league fee by 30 May to the Treasurer. See Fees section.

7.5       Clubs no longer are required to register players to the League however Rules 8.1 and 8.2 still applies.


8.1       No Professional players are permitted to play in the league.

8.2       No Overseas Players on Secondments are permitted to play in the league. However, players from overseas not on secondment may play but the committee must be notified first.

8.3       Players shall play for one club only during the season.

8.4    Teams can not be substitute a player during the game unless of an injury. The substitute cannot bat or bowl. No player from the opposing team can substitute as this constitutes fielding an ineligible player. 

8.5       No person under the age of 14 will be allowed to play in the league; batting helmets must be worn by players under 18 years of age.

8.6       Clubs believed to be utilising players who are ineligible in contravention of Rules 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 and 8.5 will be subject disciplinary action by the committee.


9.1       The Treasurer shall collect all monies due to the League and shall keep a proper account of the receipts and payments and must to submit a statement of the accounts at AGM.

 10. BANK

10.1    The monies of the league shall be lodged in the name of Liverpool Business Houses Cricket League in a bank of the committee’s choice. All cheques shall be made payable to the said association and any communication containing fees etc shall be addressed to the Treasurer.

11. FEES

11.1    On election a club must pay a bond of £50 by 30 March. Bonds will be returned on receipt of club resignation. The bond will be seized should a club fail to pay fees or fail to fulfil fixtures without reasonable excuse.

11.2    Each club will pay an annual fee of £80 to the Treasurer by 30 May of that year.

11.3    Clubs failing to pay fees following 30 May will be served with a written reminder notice. Should they fail to pay within 1 week of this, their fixtures will be suspended and they will be expelled from any cup competitions. Should the club fail to pay after one month of notice, the club will be indefinitely suspended from matches until payment has been received. They will be deducted -2 points for each game that is suspended.

11.4    Should they fail to pay before the end of the current season, they will be considered for expulsion from the league by vote of the members at the AGM.

11.5    The Management Committee reserves the right to alter the date that clubs must pay fees and will notify clubs accordingly.



12.1    The League season will run from the first week of May until last Friday in July.

12.2    The Committee will formulate the fixtures. Any clubs requiring additional arrangements MUST contact the League Secretary when registering for the season.

12.3    In exceptional circumstances, the Management Committee can agree to extend the season to no later than the Friday in August before Cup Finals Day.

12.4    All matches not completed by the dates specified in 12.1 and 12.3 will be void and 0 points will be awarded to each team.

12.5    In the event of suspension or curtailment of the league due to global pandemic, the cut off point for the season to be cancelled will be first Friday in July by vote of the league members. 


12.6    The league structure will be decided by the committee. This will be approved by the members of the Business Houses League either at AGM or by approval by e-mail following the AGM.

12.7    The maximum number of teams in a division will be 8.

12.8    Team will play each other once.

12.9    Promotion and relegation will be agreed upon once the league structure is approved or at the Management Committee's discretion.


12.10  Each club must specify their normal match night for home matches.

12.11  All matches must be played on the night specified in the fixtures unless weather intervenes, ground unavailability or on agreement between clubs with prior notice being given to the Secretary.

12.12  The Secretary must be informed when a game is re-arranged.


12.13  Matches should start at 6:00pm wherever possible.


12.14  A team failing to attend without prior notice and/or agreement will be liable to forfeit the game. The club secretary of the attending team should notify the League Secretary on the night of the game and whether they wish to claim the fixture.

12.15  The cut off point for a team failing to attend a match without notice will be 6:30pm

12.16  Should an attempt be made to rearrange the game, teams must ensure this is done so before the deadline of the league season, see 12.1 and 12.3 above and notify the League Secretary. Any games arranged after the cut-off point will not count toward the league standings.

12.17  Teams failing to attend matches will be deducted 2 points from their total. 

12.18  Teams must attempt to play all league and cup games. Teams must not prioritise one competition over another. Any team deemed to be doing this will be brought before the committee to provide a reason for this. Penalties will be incurred if the committee are not satisfied with the reason.


12.19  If any team does not have at least 8 players on a match night, the game must be forfeited. The winning team will be awarded 5 points, the forfeiting team will be deducted 2 points.


12.20  All players MUST wear white (or off white) trousers and a similar white shirt. Coloured shirts or trousers are not permitted.

12.21  The fielding side are responsible for providing a match ball for the innings. Match balls must be of a decent standard. Both captains must be happy with the match ball before an innings commences.

12.22  The use of multicoloured balls is permitted (orange or pink), however, both sides must agree to this and they must be used in both innings.


12.23  The match will consist of 20 x 6 ball overs per innings.

12.24  Teams will alternate ends to bowl their 20 overs, however, on agreement by both teams, this can  be altered so that 10 overs can be bowled from one end consecutively and then swap so that the final 10 overs are bowled from another end. This must be consistent across both team’s innings.


12.25  In the event of a match being called off due to inclement weather/agreement between teams the match should be rearranged at the earliest opportunity. The League Secretary should be informed once a new date is set.

12.26  In the event that the rearranged game is also cancelled due inclement weather, no further attempt should be made and both sides will be awarded 2 points.

12.27  If the 1st innings is completed and the side batting second have reached at least 10 overs when bad light or inclement weather stopped play upon agreement by both captains that no more play can occur, then the result will be decided by the scoring rate.

12.28  Scoring rate is decided by number of runs scored divided by number of overs bowled.


            Team A scored 120 from 20 overs. 120/20 = 6 runs per over.

            Team B scored 55 from 10 overs. 55/10 = 5.5 runs per over.

            Team A would be declared the winner.

12.29  Captains may make prior arrangement to limit the overs played by each side to no less than 10 overs in anticipation of a possible failure to complete the game.

12.30  In the event of the both teams failing to complete at least 10 overs, the match will be considered abandoned and if not previously re-arranged, efforts should be made to do so at the earliest opportunity. If second attempt, 2 points will be awarded.


13.1    All results are final.

13.2    In the event of a tied game, the team losing the least wickets will be the winner. If still level, then number of 6s and then 4s will be used. If still tied, then both teams will receive 2 points.

13.3    The home team must notify the League Secretary by text message on the night of the result or if the game is curtailed.

13.4    The home team must then email the Liverpool Business Houses Cricket League ( copying in the Away team secretary with the details of the result including scores, points and notable milestones - batting centuries and bowling five wicket hauls - within 24 hours of the match being completed. A photograph of the scorebook via email or text message would be preferred.


13.5    Points are distributed for matches as follows:

            Win                                                            4 pts

            Tied game/Abandoned game                    2 pts

            Failing to field side                                    -2 pts

            Batting bonus (not being bowled out)        1 pt

            Bowling bonus  1 (7 wkts)                          1 pt

            Bowling bonus 2 (10 wkts)                         1 pt

13.6    Maximum number of points that can be claimed is 7 points. 

13.7    No points will be awarded until an email is received detailing the result. Both club secretaries’ should inform the league via the email address


13.8    League positions will be decided by points gained, total wins, total bonus points, head to head. If still level, total runs scored and total wickets taken will be used. In the cup, net run rate will also be calculated.

13.9    The team top of Division One at the cut off point of the league season will be declared champions of the Liverpool Business Houses Cricket League.

13.10 Below Division One, the teams occupying top position in each Division at the cut off point of the season will be champions of that Division and will be promoted to the Division above for the following season. Unless the league structure is altered by agreement of the members.

13.11 The teams finishing bottom of each Division, with the exception of the last Division, will be relegated to the division below the following season. Unless the league structure is altered by agreement of the members.

13.12  League structure will be produced by the committee but will be ratified at the by members.


14.1    All matches shall be played according to the LAWS OF CRICKET with additional “Local Regulations”

14.2    The bowling of "Bouncers" or short ball deliveries shall be declared "no balls"

14.3    No bowler shall bowl more than 4 overs

14.4    A batsmen who retires and does not resume innings shall be deemed out. This will count toward bonus point’s application.

14.5    A free hit is awarded to the batting team in the event of a no ball. The laws on no balls can be found here - The free hit constitutes the next legal delivery, if it is a wide or no ball, then the free hit remains until a legal delivery had been bowled. The field must not be altered unless the batters have crossed.

14.6    Any leg side delivery not met by bat or pad must be called a wide and an extra delivery must be bowled

14.7    Runs scored off a wide/no ball count as well as wide/no ball

14.8    Any player injured during the game can leave the field for medical attention and upon resuming can bat or bowl as required


15.1    Cup finals will be arranged the Committee based upon the availability of both teams

15.2    Cup finals will be played at a ground pre-arranged by the Committee. Clubs desiring to host “cup finals day” should inform the Committee at the AGM. In the event of several applications, a vote will be held. 


16.1    Clubs who are victorious in the active Divisions, Senior Cup and Junior Cup will be awarded the cup pertaining to that competition.

16.2    Any club holding a trophy belonging to the Liverpool Business Houses Sports Association must sign an indemnity form to look after all the trophy in their possession.

16.3    Winning clubs will receive a maximum of 12 medals paid for by the Business Houses League. Additional medals can be requested at the cost of the club. Alternatively, clubs will have the option to opt for their annual subscription fees paid for the following season.


17.1    Anything not dealt within the Constitution shall be handled by the Committee